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Fun Activities for at Home!

We are often asked about activities to do at home - here are a couple of fun ideas you may like to try:

Sensory Play Dough

2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 tbsp oil, warm water, food colouring

Mix the flour, salt and oil together in a bowl, then gradually add the water and mix until the mixture becomes doughy but not sticky. Then depending on how you would like your dough to look, feel and smell, you can add, for example, glitter, rice or flavourings such as strawberry or coconut.   

Dont forget that your children can do mixing, weighing and pouring!

Now you can experiment and have fun with the dough; rolling, squashing, cutting, use plates, forks and spoons to pretend to make dinner, make faces, animals, etc

Bird Feeder


Pine cones, string, peanut butter, bird seed.

Tie the string around the pine cone, with enough left at the top to tie onto something outside - leave space on the string then tie another pine cone underneath and a following one if you choose! Smother the cones in peanut butter. Place the bird seed in a bowl and roll the pine cones in the seed so it sticks onto the peanut butter.

Hang the bird feeder outside and see how many different types of birds you can see - you could use binoculars or make a cardboard tube 'telescope' for fun viewing!

Ice Cube Painting

paint, ice cube tray, lolly/craft sticks, paper

Pour ready mixed paint into an ice cube tray and freeze - a lolly stick can be inserted into each cube (optional).  Once frozen lift the paint cubes out of the tray and use to paint.  Explore what happens when the colours melt or mix together!  A nice activity for the garden on a hot, summers day.

Cloud Dough

Flour, tray, baby oil

Place flour into a bowl or tray.  Add baby oil and mix.  This makes a lovely soft substance that smells great and can be used for drawing in, making tracks with toy car tyres, animals, etc., or just the sensory experience and talking about how it feels.


We include Home Learning Ideas in all of our reviews/reports that are tailored to a child's current learning objectives. 

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